What is #judedays?

#judedays is a playground.  the playground where everyday, my son, Jude and I meet.  we meet here to play, to love, to smile, to cry to say that we love each other and miss each other everyday.

#judedays was born from the loss of my son, Jude, at 21 weeks gestation.  it’s a place in my new life that i hold dear and treasure.  it’s one of the few places that Jude and I have just for us.

if you’re visiting #judedays for the first time – a gentle welcome! if you’ve lost a child – i’m so very sorry.  nothing in life prepares you for such great and unique loss.  nothing in life prepares you for the abundance of love and joy you receive from your child(ren) and the extraordinary sorrow and abundance of sadness you feel when they are taken away from you.

like a playground – where you wander over in the hopes of finding a friend to play with, #judedays is here waiting for you to reassure you that you are not alone.  that here, you will find a friend to help you navigate through this journey


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