Timeless love 

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They say time heals.  I say time teaches.  

Two years, 24 months,  730 days,  eight seasons – irrespective of how you measure it – it’s still time. 

Time that we would have spent together learning to speak your first words. Learning to master a good run.  Learning to play.  

Instead, time has taught me to breathe again.  Feel again.  Love again.  Just be again. 

It has taught me that the distance between the time you once were and the time now, is non existent.  Your love remains deeply rooted in my soul and therefore there is no time in between. It’s always present. 

I can validate every thought of you on each one of the 730 days that has passed, because time has taught me that although you are not physically present, you will always find a way to make your presence known.  Each butterfly, each song, each gentle breeze of the wind assures me that you are near.  Even a silly painting on a store window delivers your message of love. 

That is what time has taught me.   It has not however, healed me and I am confident that no amount of time ever will.  

As we celebrate your 2nd birthday,  I am reminded that I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me.  That with every passing of a season, time, will certainly teach me something about you, about me, about our love.  I don’t like the idea of letting time pass, but I do like the idea of what new learnings it brings. Time has taught me how to live and love in two different worlds.  Time has taught me how to adapt and change on this love journey of ours.  Time has taught me how to share your love.  

In hindsight, I only wish you and I had had more time together.  But overtime, I have learned that, our love is not bound by time. It’s not even bound by physical presence. It is the only single thing in this universe that is independently bound – bound by love. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Jude!

XO mommy 

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